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Dominion Office Building

  There is a magnificent office building named Dominion located in Moscow. This building is designed by UNIONSTAR. It is one of the first projects in the area dedicated to startups and the growing IT sector, which will also be an industrial and residential center in the southwest of the city. I love the special design of this office building so much!

  White slabs are stacked unevenly to create a 7 story, 36 meter tall building with irregular contours – both on the outside and on the inside of the building, or the atrium. The restaurant at the ground floor connects the public space of Sharikopodshipnikovskaya Street to the inner, more private area of the building.

  The black-and-white vertical space provides a shared area, working as a social ground among employees of various companies. Diagonal stairs connect the slabs, while a peripheral core layer – housing vertical shafts and staircases, washrooms and service areas – surrounds the atrium, offering “a degree of privacy to the separate office spaces, with gaps in-between these cores giving some transparency and allowing light to penetrate into the office areas from the central shared atrium space”, the practice mentions.

  The office building is like a grand piano combination of color black and white. And the staff in it are flowing notes. The combination of line, color and space is the charm of black-and-white buildings. Color black and white are everlasting classics. So UNIONSTAR also merge black and white into the furniture, showing a simple classic style. They can work well as office furniture or home furniture.

UNIONSTAR Steel Chair (CH-009)

UNIONSTAR Steel Chair (CH-005)

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