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Make Your Home Office Brighter

  To most of the SOHOs, home office is like a personal private cosy refugee for them. Yet sometimes it is unavoidably narrow and crowed with its limited dimensions. If a space lacks enough natural light, smart spare storage and the right theme colour, we could easily feel cramped and uncomfortable. In this case, you should reconsider to rearrange your bedroom in the goal of making it much cosier and visually brighter and bigger.

  For starters, the accordingly three simple principles could make your home office look spatial: the effective use of light, storage management and colour theme of an office.

  Use your windows –take advantage of natural light. The natural light can brighten up your room. Try to use shades or blinds instead of heavy fabric curtains in case that you are concerned about privacy. Shades and blinds also provide privacy in the meanwhile its light fabric will increase the airy feel. They lighten up your room and increase the feeling of space. You should avoid blocking natural light in a small bedroom. It is surely delighted that arrange a side table near the window where is lightful to your working.

  Furniture for Storage – choose furniture with more than one function. A lounge chair with daily seating and night sleeping function altogether; or tables with drawer legs, a bed with built-in under drawers or a flipped table would be very lovely space-saving choices.

UNIONSTAR Folding Table OF-AL-GW-02

  Light colour–light colours can make a room feel airy by reflecting the light, for it can colour the floor and walls with a feeling of wideness and spaciousness. The light and neutral colours are always helpful to visually expand your space.

  Last but not least, using different shades of the same colour on everything from the paint all over the walls to the furniture accessories is also a wise way to bright up your personal office room. Different shades of the same colour can form up a visually space coherence.

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