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A table that can lead to a successful order

  Negotiating table, being similar to dining table, is used for negotiating matters in offices, conference rooms, or reception rooms,etc. Generally the table base is made of metal, such as steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The material of tabletop usually are solid wood, glass, fireproof board, marble and so on. And it can be divided into round table, square table, triangle table, etc. according to the tabletop shape.

  The function of negotiating table is different from the conference table. The conference table is a place for discussion, whereas the negotiating table will lead to successful order after close communication.

  Attention of maintaining the negotiation table:

  1. The main purpose is to talk with the customers on the negotiating table with personal charm, so there's no need to put too much stuff and documents on the table. What’s more, The negotiating table is generally supported by the metal base, so the load-bearing capacity is not very good. In order to prevent damage to the negotiating table, we should avoid long-term placement of too heavy items.

  2. the environment should be kept dry to prevent moisture and alkalinity.

  3. if the tabletop is stained with dust, you first remove the dust with a feather duster and wipe it with a clean cloth. If it's a glass tabletop, wipe it with damp cloth. After drying, wipe it with newspaper, and the table will be brighter.

UNIONSTAR Stainless steel negotiating table (DT-004)

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