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Brief Introduction of Beauty Chair

  Beauty chair refers to the chairs used in barber’s shops, beauty salon, medical beauty place and other places. It is usually equipped with a hydraulic pump which has the functions of height adjustment, rotation and others. Beauty chair is also called salon chair and barber chair, a kind of chair with adjustable reclined backrest also can be called beauty chair. Usually, for hairdressing or haircut, it can only pay attention to comfort. But backrest reclined chair need installation of gas bar with adjustable backrest angle.

  Different from ordinary chair and pneumatic chair, beauty chair is generally adjusted by hydraulic pump. normally the hairdresser’s feet half stepped on the footed rest can freely regulate height of beauty chair. The normal beauty chair has lifting and rotary function. These designs mainly make the convenience for hairdressers and customers. It help the hairdresser figure out and admire the customer's hair design from different angles and heights.

  Footed rest of beauty chair is in a wide variety. It is mainly for customers. UNIONSTAR mainly provide the one equipped with chair base top. Customers can put their feet on the footed rest of chair in a standard proper way.

  There are usually a variety of shapes for beauty chair base, such as four or five-star base, round base and square base. The material is chrome or stainless steel, and the cost of stainless steel beauty chair base is relatively high. But it has a long service life. The use of materials mainly depends on the choice of individual.

UNIONSTAR Steel beauty chair bases (B550P)

UNIONSTAR Steel beauty chair bases (R580P)

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