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  The way tables, desks, chairs, and other furniture have changed in recent years shows how workplaces are evolving, according to leading office furniture manufacturers and market statistics. Below are some workplace trends in office furniture.

  Businesses emphasize collaboration

  Nowadays workplaces are more focus on making everyone work together. As a result, office furniture is being designed for more casual collaboration such as modular desks, which can be arranged and rearranged in a number of different configurations.

  Everyone’s always working

  Whether on a break, eating lunch or waiting in a lobby, workers need to be able to answer a call, check e-mail or browse the Internet. As a result, comfortable seating options with arm rests are being designed for anywhere in the workplace.

  Workplaces are more creative

  In the past, companies and organizations were focused on efficiency. With so many businesses working on intellectual property, workplaces are now designed to encourage creativity. This means office furniture is becoming more colourful with more artistic options.

  Companies are trying to be more spontaneous

  Office furniture needs to be more versatile and have more than one purpose like office flipped tables, swivel chairs which are also space-saving.


  More people are working at home

  SOHO is the one who works at home, and more and more people are becoming one of the so-called “SOHO”. This means there is a greater need for office furniture to be designed for home using, and often it must be able to fit into smaller spaces. There are now more options than ever to design a home office that is stylish, yet efficient and comfortable.

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