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Take You to See The Design of Outdoor Restaurants Around The World

  If the weather is good, compared to indoor restaurant, having a meal in outdoor restaurant is more better. You can enjoy different experience there.

  Camélia is the main restaurant of Mandarin Oriental in Paris. Guests or diners can enjoy breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner here. The restaurant is as bright, simple and fresh as its name "Camellia". It is divided into two parts: indoor and outdoor. It can be seen that their indoor and outdoor tables are matched with each other. Plain white desktop collocate wooden table base in smooth lines happened to be coincided with nature, which give guests a kind of peaceful and contented feeling.

  And the following restaurant is located in the outskirts of Moscow. Its outdoor landscape is attractive. The restaurant is surrounded by tall trees and green lawn. In the restaurant decoration, a lot of solid wood elements are used to create a natural and refreshing dining atmosphere. The whole decoration principle is to use wooden table top with cast iron table base, rattan chair, hollow-out wooden ceiling and wooden elements to create a comfortable and relaxing dining environment for the diners. That’s right. They make it!

  The next one is Greece Tree house restaurant. It is really a special one. The unique Tree House Restaurant brings a unique experience to the residents, showing a benign transition between the modern living environment and the natural environment. The use of natural materials and the mix of artificial structure and trunk didn’t show any strange sense, but added a little romance.

  The visitors can sit on the different steel chairs and beanbag at random inside the tree house restaurant and feel the beauty under the shade, or stand up on the top of restaurant, overlooking the beautiful scenery and enjoying the delicious food and wine as well.

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